Leasing - Success

Tenant Success

Baceline cares about the success of every business that fills our properties. Baceline believes in partnering with our tenants to create strategic property marketing events and campaigns which draw members of the community to our centers.  This not only helps our tenants, but also brings spirit and energy to the community.

Leasing - Diverse Tenants

Diverse Tenant Base

Baceline’s tenants are a diverse and stable base of national, regional and local businesses that share our same philosophy of bettering the communities we serve. By having a quality mix of tenants we create a synergy that helps all of the businesses in our centers to thrive.

Leasing - Personal

Personal Leasing Relationships

One of our secrets to success is our approach to leasing. By working with our tenants on a personal basis, we are better able to formulate terms that are mutually beneficial, and create an agreement that truly enhances businesses on both sides.

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