Dakota Plaza

  • 21,700 Leasable Square Feet
  • Date acquired: February 2015
  • Key Tenants: Austin Gymnastics,
  • Anderson Day Spa
Property Details

Shoppes at Edge O Lake

  • 35,544 Leasable Square Feet
  • Date acquired: April 2014
  • Key Tenants: US Healthworks, Subway
Property Details

Overlook on North Avenue

  • 16,830 Leasable Square Feet
  • Date acquired: November 2014
  • Key Tenants: Starbucks, Heavenly Massage
Property Details

Real Estate

Baceline Investments focuses on a highly targeted, niche markets, sponsoring and managing partnerships that make direct investments in neighborhood shopping centers across America. Our reputation for successful property acquisitions, sales, and management within this investment strategy is part of what makes us the best kept secret in private investing. We are the largest and most experienced company pursuing this targeted strategy.

We seek out investment opportunities that will bring long-term value to communities, tenants, and investor partners alike. By placing high value on maintaining and improving all of our properties, the surrounding communities thrive.

Our respected track record stems from our responsible management practices developed through years in the industry. We utilize state-of-the-art systems, processes and controls to arm ourselves with all the necessary tools to effectively maximize our investment strategies.

RE - Acquisitions


Our deep knowledge of target markets and our extensive network enhances our ability to find and acquire quality assets. Our experienced team creates a detailed plan for each property in order to add the most value for our stakeholders and the surrounding community.

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After unlocking and realizing increased value over the life of a property, Baceline takes a realistic and strategic approach to dispositions that maximizes value for all parties involved. We execute on our clearly defined exit plan and aim to ensure that our properties are sold to the best possible buyer at the most opportune time.

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RE - Leasing


Our tenant partnerships are with a diverse and stable base of businesses on a national, regional, and local scale. Our property-level plans include our one-of-a-kind Sustainable Initiatives Program which is designed to maximize both environmental and economic benefits.Tenant and leasing strategies also focus on identifying ways to control costs and enhance creative property marketing.

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Contact Baceline today to discuss property opportunities including properties to be included in future real estate investment funds, leasing, or disposition information.