Strategy - Value Installation

Value Installation

Our straightforward approach to real estate investing puts our partners first with a strategy designed to provide a high degree of alignment, transparency, and attractive total returns, all relative to a conservative strategy. As a part of our approach, we also place high value on managing and maintaining each of our properties in a way unlike any other firm. These two focuses make us the best kept secret in private investing.

Strategy - Discovering Value

Discovering Value in America’s

We believe delivering value to all of our stakeholders is what creates prosperous investments and thriving retail centers. This is why Baceline Investments is the only firm to bring an institutional investment model to the untapped market that serves individual investors. America has value-rich properties at opportunistic prices, less competition, and more supply of quality real estate making it an ideal investment opportunity.

Strategy - Privilege is ours

The Privilege Is Ours

Baceline’s approach centers around the individual, not an account number. We go above and beyond to make sure individuals expectations are exceeded on a consistent basis. From answering questions to relaying important communications, we promise interaction with a real, live person.